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Get the detailed list of specifications for the Sony X800H Series & see which All Televisions fit your needs. Remarkable realism of 4K HDR Processor X1™. Upscale any content closer to 4K with 4K X-Reality™ PRO.

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Sony X800H Review (XBR43X800H, XBR49X800H, XBR55X800H, XBR65X800H, XBR75X800H, XBR85X800H) The Sony X800H, also known as the Sony X80H, is a decent entry-level 4k TV with an IPS panel on The Sony X81CH offers all the bells and whistles that you expect from Android TV.Don't miss what's new.Be among the first to get the latest Sony news in your inbox. XBR-85X800H. XBR-X81CH Series.Yardline sheds websiteSony X900H is 4K LED TV model that positioned below the top Sony X950H and above Sony X800H. It comes with 4K UHD resolution that completed with 4K X-Reality Pro. 4K X-Reality Pro allow us to enjoy excellent picture clarity both from original 4K content sources and non 4K contents that upscaled into near 4K.The Q60T also includes Bluetooth 4.2 on board, along with dual-band Wi-Fi (including Apple AirPlay 2 support). Sony is equally as adept at designing a TV, and the XH85 is a great example. Like the ...

I'm very pleased that the Theater Department Manager at Greenwood suggested the purchase of a Sony vs the LG model I came in to purchase. With X800H, you'll experience your content as it was intended with the power of our X1 4K HDR processor, as well as enjoy rich and accurate color with...

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Sony X800H vs TCL 6 Series. Both of them are good options for anyone who is looking for a new TV because they are not only looking good when off but also mesmerizing when displaying the picture. The differences are X800H is an IPS panel while the TCL 6 Series is a VA panel with QLED technology. The color does look amazing in 6 Series, moreover ...

Munchkin kittens for sale near alabamaThe X800H series is one of Sony's most affordable TV lines, but there's still a lot here to feast your eyes upon. With high-powered image processing, the 75" XBR-75X800H delivers clearer, more vibrant 4K images than most value-priced TVs can produce. An impressive HDR experience.I decided to update from a 2015 4k Sony TV and was looking for a new TV that wouldn't break the bank. At the time Amazon was doing a sale for a 75inch X800H for around 800$. I did some research and saw that this 2021 Model was the updated version of the X800H 2020 model and it had everything I was looking for. I went with the 65inch.The Sony X800H is marginally better than the Sony X750H. The X800H gets much brighter in both SDR and HDR, it has wider viewing angles due to its IPS panel, and faster response time. The X800H also has better color accuracy out of the box. On the other hand, the X750H has a VA panel with a much higher contrast ratio, making it a better choice for dark rooms. Sony also tends to start their TVs off at lower prices too so if it's the same price as the LG at this time of year I'd expect it to be a higher end model. cueball73 Novice Member. Jul 3, 2020 #3 Yeah. This particular series, the Nano 90/91 from this year, has gotten rave reviews. Koolfreak Novice Member.The Sony X81CH runs Android TV, an OS that comes with a large selection of apps. The interface is customizable, which is a relief if 477-10 107 hours agoAnything below X900H from Sony isn't worth buying. X81CH is more expensive than X800H. But pretty sure it isn't a VA panel with local dimming..

Sony X95J vs X90J Review (XR-65X90J vs XR-65X95J, XR-75X90J vs XR-75X95J) Sony X95J is the flagship of the Sony's 2021 4K LED TV lineup. It is the successor of the X950H in last year. Meanwhile, the Sony X90J is the step-down model of the X90J and it replaces the X900H from 2020.